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Are you looking for easy divorce options? What about affordable legal help for a custody issue? The I Do Over packages are built to make your divorce or family law issue easy to resolve without an attorney.

Our three packages are designed to meet whatever your family law needs are by providing professional help every step of the way. 


Choose Your Do Over

Whether you need a divorce, custody plan, or a change in child support, we make the legal aspects of your do over as simple as a cup of coffee.


The Basic Do Over includes professional drafting of all the documents you need to complete your do over. All documents are completed by our Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparer.


The Facilitated Do Over includes everything from the Basic Do Over plus two mediation sessions with a trained mediator and family law professional.


The Advised Do Over is truly the best of both worlds. Get all the documents you need from a certified legal document preparer and up to two hours advice and coaching for a licensed attorney.

Our packages are not designed for active litigation and do not include discovery requests, motions or response to motions, or pretrial statements. However, if you need these documents, you can work directly with our certified legal document preparer to draft whatever documents you need to represent yourself. 

In the event you decide not to represent yourself, or you need legal representation for a mediation or court hearing, we have partnered with Modern Law, our sister company that provides full legal representations by licensed attorneys who practice only family law. These lawyers can provide "limited scope" assistance, meaning they can come in as much or as little as you need.

"They took care of all my paperwork. Jenifer is very patient with me. She really heard everything I had to say and didn't rush anything. She worked on my time. She did a great job with my paperwork and she was really good at getting back to me. It was a great experience."

What Our Clients Say
- Carlie, August 2019

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