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If your only option to get a divorce or custody plan is through the court system, that system should be built for you. Not attorneys.


Meet Our Team

Jenifer Bone

Jenifer Bone is an Arizona Licensed Certified Legal Document Preparer with twenty two years experience navigating Arizona Courts. She is meticulous, hard working, and knows her stuff. 



Caitlin Lindahl

Caitlin Lindahl is the administrative backbone for I Do Over. She works closely with Billie and Jen to get clients whatever they need and will go above and beyond to ensure I Do Over customers are taken care of.



Billie Tarascio

Owner and Founder Billie Tarascio has been working on I Do Over since 2005 when she graduated law school. She is a family law attorney, speaker and entrepreneur who is dedicated to making the law more accessible and flexible to the needs of consumers. 


The Story of I Do Over

I Do Over is more than a decade in the making and was previously known as "Access Legal". In 2013, Attorney and owner Billie Tarascio was running a low cost law firm and struggling with how to make law affordable and run a successful firm.

The answer had to be technology. As she searched for document automation that would allow self represented litigants to access documents created by attorneys, there were not any good document automation options on the market.

She and Caitlin set out to build it. They worked with overseas developers to create technology that could package the information and experience of attorneys and sell it to consumers at affordable rates. After two years and close to $100,000, the system was built. A DIY platform had been created.

But no one used the platform.

Enter Jen Bone

It wasn't until Jen Bone entered the picture as a Modern Law contract paralegal that I Do Over began to really take shape.

Customers didn't want a pure DIY, they wanted personal assistance and guidance. But it didn't need to be from an attorney.

Under the name Access Legal, Jen began helping customers, and demand simply grew. With a new business model that married the benefits of technology with the personal guidance of Jen, it was clear that "Access Legal" could be doing a lot more and helping more people. It was time for a rebrand.

I Do Over isn't simply about affordable access, it's about changing the way consumers and lawyers interact with the legal system. It's about destigmatizing divorce, unwed pregnancies, other life events that simply happen.

At I Do Over, we get it. Life happens. Chapters end. Instead of costing tens of thousands of dollars with stuffy lawyers, you can get what you need simply, quickly and affordably, so you can get on with life and get your do over.


No matter what type of family law case or what stage you are in, we have professionals who can help. Don't wait. Your life. Your Do Over.


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